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Commercial Burglary Safes

Commercial Burglary Safes Commercial_Security_CSC1913E1.jpg

A commercial burglary safe protects your business. Having one or more safes in your office ensures the safety of any confidential documents and valuable items that you may wish to store.

Commercial burglary safes are a great way to securely store information such as social security numbers, contracts, legal documents, etc. This protects the privacy of your business, your employees, and any organizations you may be working with, eliminating any anxiety about leaving your office unattended.

Safes can be used to store cash, checks, and other valuable items in the case of a robbery. However, burglars aren’t the only things that safes protect your valuables from. These safes are made to stand against unexpected fires and the intese heat of the flames. Choose a fire safe to ensure the highest level of protection. You can rest easy knowing that your valuables are safely locked away in a Serv-U Locksmiths’ safe. 

A commercial burglary safe is the best step you can take in protecting your business and employees. For more info call us at 413-732-8538 or visit our showroom at 977 St. James Ave., Springfield, MA.

American Security Products Commercial Safe CSC1913E1

Outside: 24.5”H x 18”W x 19.9”D
Inside: 19”H x 12.5”W x 12.2”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 1.68’
Weight: 318lbs.

American Security Products Commercial Safes CSC3018E1

Outside: 35.5”H x 23.5”W x 24”D
Inside: 30”H x 18”W x 16.3”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 5.09’
Weight: 530lbs.

American Security Products Commercial Safes CSC4520E1

Outside: 50.5”H x 25.5”W x 28.9”D
Inside: 45”H x 20”W x 21.2”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 11.04’
Weight: 944lbs.

American Security Products TL15 High Security Safe CE2518

Outside: 32”H x 25”W x 25.5”D
Inside: 25”H x 18”W x 16”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 4.2’
Weight: 1,150 lbs.

American Security Products Cash Drawer Safe BWB2020-ESL10X

Outside: 20”H x 20”W x 20”D
Inside: 19.75”H x 19.75”W x 17”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 3.84’
Weight: 154lbs.

American Security Products Cash Drawer Safe BWB3020

Outside: 30”H x 20”W x 20”D
Inside: 29.75”H x 19.75”W x 17”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 5.78’
Weight: 218lbs

American Security Products Cash Drawer Front Load Safe BWB3020FL

Outside: 39.75”H x 20”W x 20”D
Inside: 19”H x 19.75”W x 17”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 3.69’
Weight: 278lbs.

Front Load Drop Gardall Safe LCF2014-G-C

Outside: 20”H x 14”W x 14”D
Inside: 10”H x 13”W x 11”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 0.83’
Weight: 80lbs.

American Security Products Drop Box K-1

Outside: 6”H x 6”W x 12”D
Inside: 5.63”H x 5.63”W x 10”D
Interior Cubic Ft.: 0.18’
Weight: 16lbs.


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