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Deadbolts & Doors Knobs

Although entry door knobs have the ability to lock, the best residential security is with the use of a deadbolt. Door knobs latch the door; deadbolts lock the door! With that said, door knobs do have a very important function. Door knobs allow us to grip a handle to either pull or push a door open and latch the door. Door knobs are available is several designs including several shapes of knobs and levers. These knobs and levers are available in several finishes including, brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, and black. Deadbolts are used to securely lock a door. These locks are available light duty and heavy duty and are available in the same finishes as entry knobs. For convenience, most deadbolts and entry knobs (or levers) that are installed on the same door, are keyed alike so only one key is needed to open both locks.

This is a photo of a lockable deadbolt and doorknob.
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